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Circolo 1901

September 22, 2022

Gennaro Dargenio is born in 1970 in Barletta, a city on the north coast of Apulia.
He takes his first steps into the textile sector when he is just 17, standing out as producer of knitted fabrics and developing a great knowledge of raw materials, their structure and their technical process.
It is in these years that his perceptive idea takes shape, making real the most important project of his life.
The year 2008 is the turning point: Gennaro founds Circolo 1901. Today he counts on a longstanding experience of thirty years, an overpowering passion and an unceasing search of trends and raw materials.
The same features that give light to his unique, original and unconventional brand.

It’s 2008 and Gennaro Dargenio has the brilliant idea of tailoring a blazer made of fabric fleece. It is immediately a success.
No one has ever thought of combining elegance with comfort before, until then exclusive prerogative of the sportswear world. The story of Circolo 1901 starts from the iconized Easy Jacket.
Nowadays the brand shows an international presence in the top boutiques and its man & woman’s collections are worn all over the world. It’s been over a decade and the key-words are keeping firm: be easy, be elegant, be authentic without compromising comfort.

"Easy but not simple. We neither want to convince nor impress.
We just want to do what we do best. Taking off superfluo to let the essence come out. We start from authentic and original and bring in a modern, easy and comfortable way of being and dressing.
Proud of it.
We are Proudly Authentic."