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Colorful Standard fact file

April 16, 2021

If you love colour and simplicity, then you'll love Colorful Standard!

If you don't know already, Colorful Standard's is wildly known for using 100% organic cotton in their clothing and over all taking small but significant steps to becoming more sustainable. Due to overconsumption, their goal is for customers to buy less but buy better products that they will carry on wearing (and loving) for years, and even decades to come. 

Colorful Standard pride themselves on their transparency and their ethical practices. 100% of their products are made in Portugal by a team of skilled hardworking individuals who the company have now known for years and have built a close relationship with. 

"We work under the European Union Labour Law, which focuses on fair employment conditions and informing and consulting workers."

The part I love most about Colorful Standard's practices is because they work transparently. So much so, If you would like to see how they work and the hands behind their colourful pieces the factories are open for visits at any time.

Cotton farming uses more toxic pesticides than any other materials. These chemicals are harming the planet and stripping the land of nutrients, polluting water and putting cotton farmers at risk. Certified organic cotton is far better for the planet. By replacing dangerous chemicals with natural alternatives and classic agriculture techniques, farmers will not be exposed to dangerous levels of toxins. The downsides to this organic method are that farmers will have to plant more plants which will end in a higher water usage for production and take up more land because the crop would not have been genetically modified therefore doesn’t produce the same amount of fibres. Despite the negatives, organic cotton uses 91% less water than normal cotton and releases 45% less CO2 emissions.