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How to spread the happiness

February 21, 2021

Happy Socks... the gift that keeps on giving.

First of all, let me tell you a bit more about Happy Socks. Mikael Söderlindh and Viktor Tell had a vision to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colorful design piece. In 2008, socks were just socks. White, gray and black pieces of textile that were nowhere close to the fashionable and creative design piece they could become. Happy Socks was then born, a high-quality sock that combines unique designs and craftsmanship.

Creative minds think alike. Over the years, Happy Socks have worked with inspirational brands and people to create exclusive collections such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Andy Warhol, Billionaire boys club and many more.

Here are some of my favourites:

Rolling Stone collectors box set

The Beatles Collectors box set

Andy Warhol gift box

The product composition is a huge sector where Happy Socks are making progress in, with for example organic cotton in our products. Their sustainability strategy will make the environmental, social, and ethical improvements a priority. 

Although they do not own any of the manufacturing facilities, Happy Socks monitor the production and working conditions throughout our supply chain and make sure the products are being made ethically. By creating vital stakeholder collaborations, Happy Socks can address environmental and social sustainability in the materials, manufacturing processes, and product transport stages. Their actions are not limited to their suppliers; they also work diligently towards making their work environment healthy and inspiring, one that stands for inclusiveness and diversity.

Forward actions 

We all know recently, there has been an huge increase in greenhouse gas emissions that directly contribute to increasing change in the climate. The emissions are caused by the production and manufacturing processes, consumption of fuels for logistical and retail services.

As of this year, Happy Socks have started a collaboration with Normative, a Swedish company thatprovides them with a methodology to assess theimpact of our upstream activities based on their expenditures. Following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s classification that assigns a company’s greenhouse emissions into three “scopes”, Happy Socks were able to identify areas where they can improve and focus their efforts to reduce emissions. So, stay tuned for Happy Sock's involvement in the movement that is becoming more sustainable.