John Booth for Sunspel

July 15, 2020

As part of Sunspel's 160th year anniversary, they worked with the artist John Booth who created a vibrant new colour palette and prints around Sunspel's archive Sun and Cloud logo. 
John talks through his collaboration by saying "to kick off the process, I took a trip to Long Eaton to visit their factory. I loved the whole environment and the care and expertise the team put into each garment". John found this process very interesting to look through archived designs and the history behind the brand. He found Sunspel's 1950'5 Sun and Cloud logo most intriguing and this is where he drew his inspiration from. John Booth also went on to say how he found it pleasant to create a reincarnation of an old Sunspel logo but with his own graphic twist on it. 

The team at Sunspel was pleased with how the collaboration turned out because it is quite unique for both John Booth and Sunspel. Wearable but unexpected. Having a collaboration with John booth was not expected, and this is what makes this collaboration so interesting. Together, they developed the badges as a non-conventional and playful way of sharing the range.

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