Making your clothes last longer

January 18, 2019

What’s good for your wardrobe and good for your wallet?


Make sure you get your shoes re-soled and polished properly, they will be almost as good as new! They will also have that nice comforting familiarity.


Remember always wash your jeans because the dirt will eat the cotton and the fabric will eventually become like plastic and break. Experts say:


 The most important thing with suits, especially with bespoke suits, is to not dry-clean them too often. Did you know the chemicals (from dry cleaning) can strip the life out of the fabric? Most Savile Row tailors will offer a ‘sponge and press’ service rather than a dry-clean. Find someone who can press the suit properly so that you retain that rich, full shape, especially around the lapels. Also, if you must dry-clean, make sure that you do the jacket and trousers at the same time so that they remain the same colour. Suits need to rest, so never wear your suit for more than two days in a row.