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MSGM fact file

February 26, 2021

MSGM was founded in Milan, in 2009, by Massimo Giorgetti, whose creative spirit has managed to adopt the well known tailoring tradition of made in Italy products to create extremely contemporary and modern stylish collections. MSGM represents all the latest trends in an original and modern way, MSG is knows as a 'free spirit and vocation for anything that is current and immediate'. Some of the brand's claims, which is also featured on it's iconic T-shirts which include the slogan "Never look back, it's all ahead".

The ability to reinterpret the past through a modern language - so colourful, sometimes ironic but never dull - as well as to read and anticipate the future, has made MSGM one of the most acclaimed Italian brands on the international scene. 

Colours, patterns, details and shapes. MSGM reflects sportswear with an urban and modern feel with Italian style and an international twist. MSGM, 4 letters, portraying a strong message, an unstoppable wind of pure energy.

MSGM embodies an artistic influence and features an ability to interpret the present blend together in Massimo Giorgetti who, after many years in the retail industry, launched the MSGM project as an acronym of his own name. "A passion for indie music has always inspired Massimo's creative process, which draws extensively on a current zeitgeist.

Massimo grew up in Rimni and after years of the beach and club culture, he is now able to mix a variety of inputs and views to marry them into youthful, individual aesthetics. Colours and prints burst in his style as a visual representation of rhythmic accents and overwhelming beats.

Massimo is also a fan of pop art and contemporary art, besides being the brand's creative director he adopts many collaborations between art and fashion. MSGM has teamed up with artists such as Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Nico Vascellari and Henry Hussey. More recently, in 2017, MSGM launched the brand's own Spotify channel with a personal playlist where he has collaborated with high profile brands such as Molten & Co (he is a sponsor of 'The Verve: Photographs by Chris Floyd' exhibition at the Art Bermondsey Project space in London). As the MSGM brand grown at a rapid rate, Giorgetti's upcoming projects are exciting and extremely unpredictable, just like his personality!