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May 23, 2021

ESEMPLARE’s clothing aims at responding to the demands of the present. Each and every collection is the result of continuous research and development activities, and it is designed, engineered, developed exclusively in Italy.

“ESEMPLARE is made of people and technology. This is what we consider a crucial point for the creation of a product that goes beyond common expectations and which represents a growth for us and the best available choice for our Consumers. Over the time, we noticed that what really gives value to the actions we take, is the context in which these actions operate. This let us go beyond and move on, very determined to our third strategic pillar: sustainability."


Esemplare are making waves in the sustainable industry as since 2016, the brand has been committed to eliminating substances deemed toxic or harmful by major international standards, applying protocols even more restrictively than required. The paradigm of reference is the ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals), aimed at eliminating chemicals that harm the environment in all production processes in the supply chain.
The history behind Esemplare is originally 'Pattern' was founded in 2000 by Fulvio Botto and Francesco Martorella who, after gaining experience as pattern makers for the most important fashion houses, decided to start up their own project by collaborating with the big brands, the Pattern group.
The group - a point of reference for the most prestigious international high fashion brands - today represents the largest independent international reality in terms of design and pattern-making capacity dedicated to the first lines.
In 2014, Pattern acquired the ESEMPLARE brand, which developed with a strong and clear identity: an Urban Utility men's collection, which combines the most advanced technologies and attention to the issue of environmental sustainability with a pure and essential design. The collections are the result of continuous research and experimentation and are designed, engineered and developed exclusively in Italy.