New York fashion week

October 14, 2018

With Tom Ford opening fashion week and Marc Jacob closing, it has been an eventful, jam-packed week. Controversial acts were hitting the shows left, right and centre from A fight between rappers Cardi B and Niki Manaj broke out to Experimental Miami designer Black Tape Project was sending their models down the runway I wearing duck tape as swim wear!

Most stylish guy at fashion week

Michiel Huisman in Tom Ford

A classic, modern navy suit worn with a crisp white shirt is front row worthy for the Tom Ford show.

Tom Ford kicks off fashion week with slick tailoring and gives us an insight into what Spring/Summer is going to look like.

Tom Ford explains his ideas behind this seasons collection and what he wanted people to feel when wearing the collection. "To empower them with a feeling of confidence. A feeling of knowing that they looked their best and could then present their best selves to the world. 

"I wanted to make clothes that were flattering. That make one look taller and slimmer and more beautiful or more handsome."