June 06, 2021

Limitato - Terry O'Neil Shalako T-shirt
A picture of an icon. A casual fashion statement. From Limitato's Hollywood collection, the Shalako t-shirt features a stunning photograph of French actress Brigitte Bardot, as taken by Terry O'Neill. Let the print do all the talking.
Briglia - Pastel pink cotton tailored shorts
The pale pink shorts bring out the pale pink tones in the Limiato top. An enhanced hue of colour will make this outfit pop, whilst keeping this look subtle. A muted pink is a great way to inject some colour into your summer wardrobe.
Oliver Sweeney - Black Ossos leather and suede trainers.
They have a soft calf suede upper, trimmed with calf leather. The suede has been treated with a powerful water repellent and they are finished with a full leather lining. Paired with this outfit, they bring an element of sharpness and breaks the light colours apart.
John Smedley - Payton classic polo shirt in blue reale
This fine knitted Polo Shirt in Blue Reale from John Smedley is made from a soft and breathable wool and cotton blend. A smart button up polo is perfect for a night out in town, whether that's in a suave restaurant or an old school pub.
Briglia - White cotton tailored shorts
A smart casual essential for your sunny wardrobe, these designer men's shorts from Briglia 1949 are made from soft cotton with a flattering tailored fit. Blue and white teamed together is a match made in heaven.
Oliver Sweeney - Dark blue Ossimo leather trainers.
A cool and stylish look that will match with any outfit, these designer men's trainers from Oliver Sweeney are crafted from fine leather with a chunky rubber sole. A great way to tie in the blue hues.