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May 08, 2022

Gran Sasso

From the foundations of a small family business, Maglificio Gran Sasso has emerged as an iconic International label with true Made in Italy authenticity at its heart.
Driven and inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of four brothers Nello, Eraldo, Alceo and Francesco Di Stefano, the journey began back in 1952 in the small Italian village of Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata, south of the border between Marche and Abruzzo.

"The high-quality natural yarns used and the manual skill in all processing stagesmake every single Gran Sasso sweater unique and unmistakable"

Comfort and fashion, the contemporary lifestyle rewards knitwear and Maglificio Gran Sasso follows this trend by offering various models made ofprecious yarns andretro-style patterns. Thecolour chart takes shape starting from different shades of beige, from sand to dove gray, which are combined with warm summer shades including saffron yellow, intense orange, sage green and matt magenta. Then, deep blue and white are a true must for a perfect marine style.

Full respect for nature and human beings characterizes theorganic cotton garments dyed in natural colours or guaranteed by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. The peculiarity of this yarn is respect for man and environmental protection for sustainable development: cotton is grown without using pesticides or toxic substances.

Theretro style is reinterpreted in a modern key throughoptical geometries andcolor-block colour combinations