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Secrid fact file

October 19, 2019

A better world starts in your pocket 

This new era of technology calls for a new type of wallet. One that protects your cards and money, but also your privacy. Sitting on a normal wallet in your back pocket causes plastic cards to bend and become more liable to break, and no one wants that to happen! The aluminium core protects your cards while remaining small enough to fit in any pocket.

RFID / NFC protected

Modern cards, such as travel cards, credit/debit cards, and access cards, contain a chip and antenna for wireless communication. This Radio-Frequency IDentification or Near Field Communication cards increase convenience, but consequently the risks too. They can be read, activated and cloned from a meter away, without you noticing! What’s so great about these Secrid mini wallets? Well, the cards remain protected even during use! The Secrid Cardprotector protects your cards from these kinds of unwanted wireless communication. How great is that?

Even when revealing only a portion of the cards, the sensitivity for the radio signal is reduced but sufficient for contact over short distances. By minimising the exposure, you remain outside the reach of digital pickpockets, even while using your cards. What’s not to love?


Our wallets

Dutch Martin

 Home-grown craftsmanship

Named after a Dutch artisan specialising in leather finishing, this leather was exclusively developed for our wallets. The hard carnauba wax makes the Dutch Martin characteristic in look and feel.

  • Full-grain leather
  • Finished with wax and oil
  • Natural glossy finish
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland

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Timeless classic

Whether you’re wearing a suit or worn-off jeans, this smooth leather with its naturally glossy finish fits every style. It’s no surprise then, this leather is a definite favourite.

  • Corrected-grain leather
  • Smooth semi-aniline finish
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland and Italy


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Inspired by denim 

Inspired by the unique colouring of denim, the Indigo wallet is dipped to a perfect shade of blue.

  • Full-grain leather
  • Naturally dyed
  • Distinctive colour depth
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland


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