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The noir noir collection

October 30, 2020

The noir noir collection features only the classiest garments. Here at Filati, black is our happy colour and it just so happens black is a core outfit building block. 

Paul Smith

Black zebra angel organic cotton T-shirt

This T-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton. Cotton farming uses more toxic pesticides than any other materials. These chemicals are harming the planet and stripping the land of nutrients, polluting water and putting cotton farmers at risk. Certified organic cotton is far better for the planet. By replacing dangerous chemicals with natural alternatives and classic agriculture techniques, farmers will not be exposed to dangerous levels of toxins. The downsides to this organic method are that farmers will have to plant more plants which will end in a higher water usage for production and take up more land because the crop would not have been genetically modified therefore doesn’t produce the same amount of fibres. Despite the negatives, organic cotton uses 91% less water than normal cotton and releases 45% less CO2 emissions.



Jaden Jacket in black

This jacket is made of a polyester honeycomb knit bonded with soft fleece on the inside and featuring down-filled 20 den nylon inserts. A lightweight jacket that will still keep you cosy for the winter weather fast approaching. For the ultimate noir noir look, pair with black jeans and black sneakers for a sleek, sophisticated look.


Sign of the times T-shirt

Elevate your head to toe black outfit with a break of white. The white velvet print of Prince lifts the overall outfit creating a fresh look. Break down black outfits with dark blue denim jeans and a white sneaker to match the white velvet print.