The run down of fashion week

October 02, 2019


The show everyone is talking about- Versace! Viewers were amazed to see surprise guest Jlo strut down the catwalk wearing a recreated version of the green gown she wore to the Grammys in 2000 by Versace.




Vogue explains that maybe Gvasalia was making the point that Brexit has become a hysterical reality show, or perhaps he was nudging at our collective self-obsession blinding us from the decline of the civilised world.
The model’s faces had been prosthetically enhanced to spark the look of derma-fillers. Model’s enhanced check bones and lips certainly underlined that notion.
Models whose faces had been prosthetically enhanced. Gvasalia aimed to show that as Brexit continues, reality starts to kick in, the UK are especially feeling miserable. ‘’Instead of wallowing in misery, the solution to the problems we face in this reactionary age lies in hope, liberation, and transformation. Make that change.’’



Vivienne Westwood

Andreas Kronthaler’s collection doesn’t have a message. He stated, “For me, every look symbolises a little world of its own.” Kronthaler explains. Some of the tulle hats, for instance, were inspired by the way rowers carry their boats into the water in Henley. “I use things which give me pleasure first, and if they transport me from one point to another that’s what I like.” he said.
The only thing that makes sense was this: every fabric used in the collection was taken from studio deadstock, a challenge that fuelled the divergence between each look.