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The ultimate rain and stain resistant barrier

May 09, 2022

We all want to be on the top of our game when it comes to our sneakers staying fresh, right? I can't stand when my new shoes get a bit of dirt on my white soles - it ruins the aesthetic. Well, I have the perfect solution to unexcited run ins with dirt - Crep Protect Ultimate Cleaning Wipes. This is the exact reason why this company created this wipes, so you can stay onto of your sneaker game when you're out and about to ensure that you can give your shoes a quick fix before the dirt sets in.


 Make sure you always dust off any excess dirt before hand. Then shake the can, as with any aerosol, shaking the can is important. Crep Protect states 'The reason for this is that shaking mixes all of the products together, meaning that the repellant can begin to form inside the can. Shaking the Crep Protect Spray ensures that all of the elements come together in order to create an effective barrier against rain and stains. If you don’t shake your Crep Protect Spray, you won’t get the best out of the product.' 

Next, spray a first coat 20cm away and spay with a continuous motion. Once you have done this around the entire sneaker you can leave it. Then leave the shoe to dry for 10 minutes and repeat. Spay for a second time and leave to dry then you're good to go! 


Our wipes are double-sided, each with a specific purpose. The smooth side of the Crep Wipe is designed for general cleaning, giving the shoe a once over and tackling the easier cleaning sections. The textured side is designed to take on those tougher stains, with the raised fabric being used to remove the stains left on the shoe. It’s important to remember the purpose of each side of the Crep Protect Cleaning Wipe so that you don’t use the wrong side for the wrong reason.

When it comes to the front part of your shoes, use the rough side of the wipe and start wiping down the toe and mudguard to tackle those tough stains. This will help to remove the dirt as these areas are one of the most exposed on any shoe. The rough side will take the stains out of these areas whilst not damaging any sensitive fabrics such as leather, canvas and nylon.