What to wear for your body shape

April 26, 2019

It doesn’t matter how well-made or stylish you consider your clothes be, if they don’t fit correctly, they won’t look good.
What to wear:


The muscular man

When you’re pumped-up, it’s hard to find garments that will fit well; while most trousers may fit you around the waist, they are normally too tight around the glutes and thighs, or you may find that a top fits’ you on the chest, but its snug around the biceps. The solution to this is keeping your clothing lightweight and not too structured. 


The larger man

Don’t squeeze into anything slim fitted, but you also don’t want to wear baggy clothing that looks shapeless. Aim for more structured tailoring- this will help give shape to softer body shapes.

The smaller man

The oversized trend isn’t going anywhere, but the first-day-at-school look isn’t the most popular opinion. 


The slimmer man

Despite being confident and young enough to wear the oversized trend it's easy to look swallowed up by your clothing, especially with a slim body.


The taller man

We understand the struggle of trying on a pair of trousers to find that they sit high above your ankles and T-shirts and shirts will often crop above the waist line… annoying we know.