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What you need to know about Swims

May 31, 2021

I have been a big of Swims since I laid eyes on them, and of course, after I learnt about the incredible innovative ideas that go into making these shoes. SWIMS was founded in Oslo, Norway and breathed new life into the almost-forgotten galosh. Swims allow the typical urban Scandinavian to look sleek but also brings comfort and ultimate functionality fit for both slushy winter days in the city and warm days out on the boat during the summer season.
Swims is known for their high-quality, long-lasting products, which is designed to be worn for years. True to their mission of reinventing classics, we create “Smart Solutions” which are smart, elegant, weather-friendly and infused with utility. The versatile pieces are designed to travel throughout daily journeys, from morning commutes to evenings out and everything in between - which is why I always recommend it to our Filati customer.
"At SWIMS we love water. Whether we move in it under a bright blue sky or see it falling from the heavens above. Our love of water makes us relevant in almost every part of the world; on the way to the office or when heading for the beach."
Featuring Swims's original Breeze Technology, the Breeze Leap Lac Loafer feels like walking on air. The laminated, laser-cut mesh upper maximizes breathability and airflow, and their EVEA midsole adds the springy cushion of a running shoe. Open hole ports at the outsole allow complete air and water flow. The best part about this shoe is that it is antimicrobial and machine-washable too!